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Ibn Taymiyyah, the Philosophers, the Mutakallimun and the Eternity of the Universe: Part 3
Posted by Abu.Iyaad, Editor in Philosophers

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A number of articles have been published on Asharis.Com which relate to this subject which are recommended for reading. These articles provide a holistic treatment of the entire issue and allow a true evaluation of the slander made against Ibn Taymiyyah that he claims the universe is eternal.

The two articles are part of a wider series dealing with numerous other false accusations and blatant lies against Ibn Taymiyyah, and here they are:

Quote from the introduction:

Understanding the Nature of the Claim

The claim is that Ibn Taymiyyah affirms something eternal besides Allaah which is eternal in its existence with Allaah, and that Ibn Taymiyyah agrees with the sayings of the Philosophers (that matter is eternal and has no beginning). This is patently false as we shall see and is a gross misrepresentation of the nature and conception of the issue itself. A problem we have in the discussion of this matter in English is that there are many terms poorly translated with expressions incapable of presenting the depth and clarity of meaning in the Arabic, and they are left unexplained to the audience. Al-Naruiij's writings are plagued with these deficiencies and these expressions (in Arabic) need to be grasped and understood in the wider context of the debate between the Philosophers who claimed matter is eternal and the Mutakallimun who used weak arguments to refute them, and the saying of Ahl al-Sunnah who refuted the Philosophers through the harmonious combination of naql (revealed text) and aql (reason). As an example, expression such as (نوع الفعل), and (فعل معين) and (قدم النوع) and (قدم العين) not only need proper representation but can never be isolated from what each faction holds as their underlying principles and preliminary assumptions or beliefs. So our aim is to give a proper representation of the facts and through this expose the intellectual and academic fraud of al-Naruiji...

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