Imaam Al-Dhahabi on Ibn Taymiyyah: Part 2
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Al-Ḥāfidh al-Dhahabī said (Refer to al-ʿIbar fī Khibar min ʿIbar, 4/84):

And Shaykh al-Islām, Taqī al-Dīn, Aḥmad bin ʿAbd al-Ḥalīm died in the prison of Damascus on the 22nd night of Dhu al-Qaʿdah... and he excelled in tafsīr, ḥadīth, ikhtilāf (the issues in which there is difference of opinion) and the principle affairs (of the religion). He used to display (remarkable) intelligence and his works number more than two-hundred volumes. He also had some strange opinions on account of which his honour was attacked, and he was a leader in generosity, braveness, and was content with little. His disciples numbered more than 50,000 and he was at the forefront, may Allāh have mercy upon him.

From the forthcoming publication, "The Creed of the Early Kullabi Ash'aris."