Ibn Taymiyyah on the Gradual, Step by Step Manner Used by the Callers to Falsehood in Inviting to their Falsehood and Destroying the Dīn
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Shaykh al-Islām Ibn Taymiyyah said:

But the intent [here] is to notify [the reader] that the callers to falsehood who oppose what the Messengers came with use, in a gradual, step by step manner, that which is easier and closer in [winning] agreement from people, until they are end with destruction of the religion [in its entirety]. And this is also what some of the people of the truth do in calling people to the truth, in a step by step manner, in accordance with what the Sharīʿah requires and what is suitable to his [the caller's] situation and that of his associates [whom he is calling].

Bayān Talbīs al-Jahmiyyah (2/80) through al-Mukhtārāt al-Bahiyyah (p. 205).
Translated by Abu ʿIyaaḍ, 10 Shaʿbān 1440 / 15 April 2019

Note: This approach is universal to all people of falsehood, be they the Jahmites (of whom Ibn Taymiyyah spoke next, about the way in which they introduced their innovation to the masses), or any of the misguided sects of Islām. Likewise, those ideologically motivated hostile Islām-haters among the unbelievers and the Hypocrites, open or concealed, who desire to undermine the foundations of Islām by introducing liberal lifestyle philosophies whether in the name of women's rights, for example, or otherwise. Thus, a Muslim must be wise and wary of every alluring and subtle slogan, idea or call and evaluate it with the Book, the Sunnah and the way of the Salaf, for wolves and vultures with insincere intentions and long-term goals and objectives are to be found in abundance.